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Revolutionary technology in the field of non-toxic full perimeter protection of buildings and surroundings, using harmless electrical impulses.

Immediate effect

When rats and mice sense the electric field, they retreat. Animals learn, and especially rats are cautious and clever. Rats and mice will stay away from GreenGuard secured buildings and areas because the system causes discomfort upon touch. GreenGuard is the perfect solution for companies who are serious about food safety, hygiene and risk of infection.

Full perimeter protection

GreenGuard keeps rats and mice out of the secured area. The installation is longlasting and reliable. It protects and prevents - it's all about being one step ahead. 

24/7 Monitoring

Ensures the installation is working and remains intact at all times. Any power cut will be notified immediately. If necessary, service people are called out. The system can also connect to SD systems, other IOT devices and different types of sensors.

Safe to use

The combination of voltage and low amperage gives the animals a harmless shock. It does not cause any danger to humans. The technology is NEMKO approved, CE-marked and has a patent pending. It is endorsed by the environmental technology scheme in Innovation Norway as it contributes to the reduction of poison in the environment, and is also assessed by the FHI, Department of Pests.

Eco- and pet friendly

Our solution eliminates the need for use and spread of toxic pesticides in the environment. By preventing access to food and drink, rats and mice disappear quickly without injury. GreenGuard is the answer for those who are concerned with animal welfare and green pest control.


Preventing rats and mice from doing damage is more cost-effective and safe than setting traps and pesticidal bait continuously. Operating costs and insurance costs are reduced. Risk of severe cases of mouse and rat damage are eliminated. Furthermore, we offer leasing of GreenGuard when required.

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We thoroughly investigate the area to be secured, we map your needs and provide a cost estimate for installation and operation.

Basic improvements and cleanups are made by our professionals. They prepare building and area for precautionary measures.

We install GreenGuard - outside, inside or in zones. We provide training and ensure good practice.

The system is controlled and monitored 24/7 by a control unit which ensures that the system is on and intact at all times. Any errors / violations are notified immediately.

A gift to the environment

GreenGuard effectively protects your values against rats and mice, 100% non-toxic. Use of poison for pest control creates a major environmental problem. Rats and mice who eat poison spread the poison which accumulates in the food chain. The Veterinary Institute can document large quantities of rat poisoning in dogs, owls and reefs. The use of poison in a childhood environment implies a health risk for children. Choose GreenGuard to actively counteract the spread of pollutants!




A major survey of eagle owl conducted by the Veterinary Institute in the period 1998 - 2014 revealed that 78% of the birds had residues of environmental pollutants due to rat poisoning.
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Client experiences

“A good number of rats invaded the area of Grünerhagen kindergarden. Now electric current has kept them away for two years.”
VG 10.11. 2017
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Case 1: Salsus

“Salsus is perhaps the world's most innovative sauce factory. NOK 180 million has been invested in our new factory in Kongsvinger. Fresh, Norwegian, short-lived raw materials are cooked to healthy, good power full of flavor and nutrients. To ensure construction and production against pests, it was important for us to choose a partner that thinks like us - innovative, future-oriented and environmentally friendly. We see that traditional pest companies are monitoring their methods without sufficiently preventing, being cost-effective and often involving poisoning.

TXGuardian's revolutionary technology has secured our factory, permanently and efficiently, 100% environmentally friendly and non-toxic. An all-natural choice for Salsus AS ».

Tina Vangen, factory manager Salsus AS

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Case 2: Biblioteksgården

Biblioteksgården at Årnes was erected in the latter half of the 19th century and worked for many years as a ski station and a country shop. The farm has had several different functions, among other things. such as homes, offices, libraries and cultural offices. Biblioteksgården has for many years struggled with uninvited guests in the form of mice and rats. The technology company TXGuardian has now shell-proofed against rats and mice using new and revolutionary innovation.

"After TXGuardian has now secured the building, we hope that the pest problems have been solved in an efficient and environmentally friendly manner. Cultural heritage and cultural environments are non-renewable resources. They represent both environmental, cultural, social and economic values that give places distinctiveness and distinctiveness. In the municipal plan, Nes municipality has decided that we will protect cultural heritage and cultural environment in Nes as part of the cultural heritage. We are very pleased that there is now technology that can help us in this work in an easy and efficient way. It is also a great advantage that we can now stop posting poison and that we thus get a good environmental benefit from the purchase.

Nes municipality expects TXGuardian as an important partner in the work to protect our buildings and combat pests in the time to come »

Olaf Dønnum, head of business in Nes municipality

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Case 3: Aanerud Bakeri

Aanerud Bakery is a family owned craft bakery that has been in operation for four generations.The bakery has production and sales location in the center of Årnes.

"With food safety also comes peace of mind by having a pest control that we can trust. We are very pleased that the homeowner has chosen to secure the building with solutions from TXGuardian.
Use of bait stations and poison is no longer an option for us working with food here in the center of Årnes. We are pleased with the environmental benefits of the green solutions TXGuardian provides us with, but not least, how effective it is! A safe operation is important to us who produce food that attracts pests.
It is thus important for us to be ahead before a problem occurs. After TXGuardian installed their system, rats and mice have stayed away. We find that preventing the rodents from doing damage is considerably more cost-effective and safe than putting out baits and poison continuously. Shopping with us is a safe and delightful experience!

Thank you very much, you give us a safer and better everyday life".

Heidi Aasli, General Manager

bilde Aanerud Bakeri_2.jpg

Two houses with major challenges

"We had major problems with rats and mice and tried all methods to get rid of them, including poisoning. It costed us dearly. After the GreenGuard system was installed, we now sleep safely and do not worry whether the neighbor's cat gets poisoned. TXGuardian has done a very good job securing the house, and with GreenGuard in operation, the pest problem is hopefully resolved for good. "

Ola Espvik, Fet


"On he small farm where I live, I have experienced mice invation come fall. I have been affiliated to various pest contol companies who have placed bait traps outside my house with poor results. This fall I got the first version of GreenGuard as a pilot. This year I have not met with any challenges whatsoever!"

Ole Kristian Kirkerud, Lillehammer

Flush-fitting gate track
Wall mount track system
Rats and mice pose a threat to the company's reputation, downtime, health risks, and damage to buildings and goods.
Biblioteksgården at Årnes has been struggling for many years with uninvited guests like mice and rats. TXGuardian has now secured this cultural heritage using new technology.
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Our services

Full perimeter protection

In recent years, TXGuardian has developed and tested a completely new and revolutionary technology for full perimeter protecting buildings against rats and mice. The system includes digital perimeter protection of buildings, including gates.

GreenGuard replaces traditional pest monitoring that use environmentally harmful pesticides. The GreenGuard product will be launched February 2018.


We conduct inspections and risk assessments of buildings and property and provide advice on preventive protection against pests. We focus on the environment and cost-effective solutions.

A mouse and rat-free environment is fire preventive. GreenGuard solves some serious issues in building security and fire protection. Rodents can chew through electrical wires and cause an electrical fire. They’ve been known to destroy rigid foam and fiberglass batt insulation. Repairing all the damage they cause can be very expensive.



Contingency procedure

Dealing with emergency situations related to pests requires expertise and experience. We have a specially trained team who respond when needed. We offer emergency phone, professional advice and service.

Due to our expertise, we make in each case a comprehensive evaluation based on technical building conditions, hygiene and food safety. This is the basis for further planning, installation and follow-up.

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Contact us

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